"Strive for progress, not perfection."


*Equipment not necessary*

If you’re someone who prefers to be given programming that you complete on your own at your local gym, at a park, or at your home with little to no equipment, then this is a great option for you! 

Each week, you will receive your custom workouts through your choice of text or email.  Every week builds on the previous week’s progressions, and workouts will include explicit directions, how-tos, and demo videos for each move!  If you have to travel for work, for family or just for fun, then no problem!  During our weekly check-in, you tell me where you’ll be and what you’ll have access to so I can ensure that week’s programming will meet your needs for the week! 

Custom programming really is custom-tailored to meet your lifestyle! After filling out the “Remote Training Client Intake” form, we then schedule a video chat to go over your intake form, get to know each other, and I can see your training space. During that chat, we will also include a movement assessment to see how you move and what mobility needs to be included in your weekly work. This ensures that I design the weekly workouts that best suit you, your goals, and your training environment. 

Monthly: $150 (includes 3 -5 workouts a week)

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​​Welcome! Looking for a knowledgeable, safe, and friendly fitness professional to work with you to get strong, fit, and healthy?  Awesome!  I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2004.  I have worked with every population out there including Air Force’s special operations teams, and Army special forces teams, the elderly, beginner and advanced athletes, CrossFitters, the prenatal and postpartum mama, the injured, the chronically sore, and everyone in between.  And I’ve been working within the rehab community for 17 years so I can modify and/or scale any move/exercise to specifically meet you where you’re at.  You don’t need any experience or a high fitness level to work with a trainer.  You just need a good attitude and the ability to laugh because exercise is so much more fun when you can laugh your way through it!

I offer in-person 1:1 and small group training in my well-equipped garage gym.  I use a wide variety of equipment (i.e. kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, sleds, squat rack, and resistance bands, to name a few) to help you meet your goals and keep you safe during your sessions. 

Skill development, mobility, and quality movement is everything.  Mastery of basic movements such as air squats, basic lunges, core work, and overhead pressing must be developed before we move on to more advanced skills.  This slower, more systematic approach ensures you move safely, learn life-long movement fundamentals, and sets the foundation for all movement going forward.

Once you fill out the, “In-Person Personal Training Client Intake” form, we will then schedule our first session together to go over your intake form.  The first session includes a full assessment of the following: movement, strength, mobility, and goals. Assessing each of these areas helps me design that program that serves you and your goals best:

Hourly: $45 | Four 60 min sessions: $160 | Eight 60 min sessions: $320

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