4 / 60-minute massages for $245 

4 / 90-minute massages for $360

"Healing is not just the removal of symptoms. It is the return of life and the living of it."

-Dr. Ian, Gonstead Method Chiropractor
Victoria, Australia

Prenatal massage has been shown in studies to decrease swelling, calm mom and to reduce the pain associated with pregnancy related muscle and nerve dysfunctions such as Sciatica, Carpel Tunnel, Chronic Piriformis Syndrome and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  All techniques are aimed at soothing mom’s aching and tired body and to calm her mind and spirit.

My brand of massage, best described as "making space" for tissue, venous, nerve, lymph and arterial structures, whether it be a prenatal massage or orthopedic, can and has successfully treated all manner of the dysfunctions mentioned above along with everything from running related injuries such as ITB Syndrome, plantar fasciatis, to old injuries such as whip lash, and of course everything in between!

​​My massage studio is designed to provide a calm, soothing and healing environment in which you will receive a treatment designed just for you, with your special needs and issues in mind. I practice consistent draping so only the part being worked is exposed.  I offer essential oils, as well as massage cupping, as a part of the treatment to aid in reducing inflammation, bruising, and to calm the mind and spirit.


Have you wondered about the benefits of massage cupping? As stated in the ICTA's Contemporary Cupping Methods handbook, "By creating suction and negative pressure, this therapy releases rigid soft tissue, drains excess fluids, toxins, loosens adhesions, lifts connective tissue, and brings blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles. Myofascial release is direct, and correct application addresses a myriad of debilitating and stubborn conditions. Restructuring of the myofascial bands are possible with cumulative treatments, and there is no form of lymphatic stimulation and drainage that can even approach the efficacy and speed that suction can achieve.


$60 for 65 minutes

$90 for 95 minutes


Cupping can be combined or used as a versatile stand alone to any clinical, spa or private practice. In most applications, results from the cups are comparable to other expensive and many times painful treatments that usually require mechanical devices or surgical invasion to deliver results. The methods are easily modified to accomplish an array of techniques. Another benefit of Negative Pressure is that it really feels great. The pulling action engages the parasympathetic nervous system, thus allowing a deep relaxation to move through the entire body. It is not unusual to fall asleep when receiving this treatment. Clients often remark how relaxed, warm and light they feel - hours....sometimes days afterwards."