"I was so impressed with my experience at Red Blossom Wellness. I have had many massages, some across the world, and this was the first time I have met a therapist who was this knowledgable about essential oils.

Not only is she a talented massage therapist, she spends time choosing the right essential oils to get you the type of massage you're after. In addition to providing a wonderful massage I found her to be an excellent source of

information about essential oils, wellness, and the human body." 
-Angela Schnabel

​​"I saw several doctors and physical therapists about my degenerative shoulder issue.

None of them made a difference in my ability to function normally! Then I met Steph.
Thank you for your amazing work!! I was able to go to boot camp (do a bazillion push-ups)
​and reach the top cabinets without ANY pain!" 
-April McClung

"What an amazing experience. Steph is truly gifted. She uses the perfect amount of pressure and her touch is incredibly healing.  The space she works out of is immediately calming, the room itself is so comfortable, the sheets are super soft and cozy.  My whole body and mind have been rejuvenated. I love that she is professional, 
personable and totally easy to connect with. I would definitely recommend her to my clients
and anyone looking for a high caliber massage."
​-Monae And David Watkins

"I met Steph a few months ago at a friend's house and I was experiencing an injury. It was very frustrating
because I was preparing to do my very first 5K and was afraid my injury would hamper my ability to meet my goal.
Steph was very professional in explaining my injury and how she could help. Because of her expertise
in massage and willingness to help me, I was able to complete my first 5K without a hitch!
Thank you Steph for being an excellent and well educated Massage Therapist!"

-Chrissy Gregg

"Steph did amazing things for my shoulder. I found, or rather she found me, in a farmers market in AK.  

She immediately knew how to fix me. My shoulders were like granite, but after some (lots of) massage,

my shoulders became able to move. She also helped me recover from a devastating knee injury. 

I miss her very much."   

-Marissa Davis-Orban


"I was so thankful to find Steph.  For the first time, I received a massage that was designed
to medically target the root of my muscle problems.  
Instead of just treating my symptoms, she focused on healing the underlying causes.  
She also was a wealth of information and helped me get back on the fitness track after I had my third baby."

-Andrea Fitzgerald

"I am so grateful to have met Steph. For me, her massage technique has been so much more than for mere relaxation. She has truly been able to get to the root of my neck/ back and headache issues. 

She is sweet, professional and so knowledgable.

Immediately I could tell the girl knew what she was doing and was passionate about helping people feel better.

I was amazed that a massage could do so much!"  

-Debi Robbins

"Steph is the most talented massage/Rolfing therapist around! I have had my share of injuries and muscle strains. Steph's treatment from cupping, to massage, to Rolfing to aroma therapy is the perfect mix to get me back in tip top shape! She has been an amazing resource to help get my body able to continue to pursue my fitness goals. She is simply, the best!" 
-Monica van Horn

"I can not even begin to come up with words to describe how truly amazing Steph is! She has helped me in so many different ways. She has saved me from numerous migraines and countless hours of pain!

Her massages are not only wonderful but effective and helpful! Her massage cupping is simply amazing!

She has cupped me right after a grueling day of volleyball and it helped ease the pain that would have been much worse if not for her! My conversations with Steph are so informative and I walk away learning something new every time. I am so grateful to her for all her knowledge, help, support and strong hands! Thank you for doing what you do!"

​-Christine Vargo

"Oh my goodness!I'm walking straight for the first time since I can remember! Steph is like going to a deep massage therapist followed by the chiropractor, because of all the adjustments my body made naturally after my muscles let go!"
-April Emmanuelson

"I feel so fortunate to have found Stephanie Shimkus when I did. She is truly one of the best massage therapists I have encountered.  I was experiencing tremendous pain that started at the base of my skull and it radiated down to my hand.  Steph focused on problem areas on my neck, and was able to deliver the exact amount of pressure I needed. She massages more intuitively and understands what the body needs  ~ more so than other masseuses I have experienced.
I enjoyed the massage so much, I decided to sign up for the package of four - 90 minute sessions. During the massage, Steph went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable with the pressure, temperature of the room, temperature of the bed, etc. Later in the day, Steph followed up with me, encouraging me to take the proper steps of massage recovery.  I highly recommend Steph to friends in the area, due to her professionalism, expertise, and reasonable rates :).

-Kelly Balmforthe

"In 2015 my teenage son had a traumatic injury and we started seeing Steph for massage therapy.  Meeting her was instrumental in my son’s rehabilitation and I’m grateful we crossed paths, because we learned a lot from her.  She is an excellent massage therapist and taught and showed us how beneficial massage was for both of us, and I started seeing her too.  But not only is Steph highly educated in massage, she’s educated in many other fields as well, so we were always learning stuff in our sessions.  When we needed a better physical therapist, she gave us the name of another, more qualified one who ended up attending one of my son’s surgeries.  Because Steph’s life revolved around health, she had connections to people with expertise in their field, and this helped our family build a support team for my son and help him recover.  She just really enjoys learning, and teaching, and it's inspiring and we’re grateful for the time we had her in our lives."
-Sully Park

"Steph specializes in orthopedic massage and while her massages are not like your typical spa experience she is an expert at finding your knots and working them out. She has a great knowledge of body mechanics and her massages are incredibly effective. Steph is always learning more about her field and uses that knowledge to provide the best massage possible. I am very pleased with Steph’s work. I have and would recommend her to anyone looking for a therapeutic massage." 
-Lisa Inabernet

"Steph is truly the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She is incredibly knowledgeable about different methods and modalities of massage and healing. She is intuitive and specialized and can fix your pain with precision.
She incorporates her knowledge as a healer, personal trainer and athlete to provide results like no one else I have ever had work on my body in my 60 years on earth. I cannot recommend her enough - get in to see her ASAP - you will not be sorry.
I am only sad because she moved out of my area and I miss her and her amazing therapeutic massages so much.
Come back Steph!
-Lyssa Seward