"If you are busy but also want to be have a strong body, you know it takes work and time. I love that Steph can program CrossFit like work that I can do at home without the drive time to a box! Plus a huge advantage to working with her is that she worked around injuries that I had. She either gave me moves I could do, or lighter one sided work to get strong equally.
I feel such a difference from before when I was overcompensating on one side to get through tough workouts!
Now both are equally strong and my form is so much better. She offers great support and step by step instruction.
From beginner to experienced, she speaks both languages!
-April Emanuelson


"Steph is a phenomenal trainer. Over the course of a year and a half she has consistently delivered programming that is challenging, exciting, and fun. She has kept me in great shape even during the pandemic, quickly adapting from
writing gym workouts to workouts I could do in a small apartment with a set of kettlebells, a couch, and a chair.
She is always there to answer any questions I have or just to offer encouragement for a crazy burpee workout.
The end result is that I've remained in great shape, mentally and physically, to do all of the things
(hiking, biking, skiing, etc.) that I love. I can't recommend Steph highly enough!"
-Katie Vane

"Fitness programming from Steph Shimkus has been an absolute life saver for my fitness goals! Steph does an amazing job using the resources I have at my disposal to craft hard core work-outs designed just for me! The tips, tricks, and hows of each exercise are so helpful, along with great video tutorials. These work-outs are so artfully designed
to target each muscle group to complete a full body work-outs for each week.
She is an absolute animal, and you'll be challenged in the best possible way!"
-Monica van Horn

"I started my remote coaching journey with Steph in July of 2019, once I realized that I was craving and really needed some regular programming and accountability with a GOOD and certified trainer. After working with a previous trainer, 
I knew wanted to work with someone who was diverse in their training, but also specialized in their knowledge
and would help me to achieve my fitness goals. Due to my work schedule and crazy commute,
​there was no way I could go to a gym, and I needed to be able to workout at home.
Enter. Remote. Training... with Steph! 
Steph has really challenged me to grow as an athlete in the 1.5 years we’ve worked together. Her programming is completely tailored to my specific goals, while always continuing to challenge me by slipping in one or two moves (hello Manmakers & Burpees), continuing to improve my strength and endurance. Her weekly programming
also includes demo videos as necessary and clear explanations of how each movement works.
She is also incredibly encouraging, always available for questions or a dialogue about a particular move, set, or workout. She has a vast amount of knowledge for many modifications options you may need for a particular move. The last thing I’ll say is that life is crazy- and she will help! If there’s ever an alteration or change in my energy, or feeling particularly exhausted or stressed from one week to the other, she is completely adaptable in her programming, which I LOVE. 
-Brooke Wilcox