I began working at a physical therapy clinic as a physical therapy tech.  During that time, I received my personal trainer certification and then started a personal training business specializing in strength, sports conditioning and rehabilitation after patients were discharged from PT.  It was during this time that the pull to massage therapy overtook me.  I had long been told that I should go to massage school because I loved to touch, heal, and work with people.  So in 2006, I graduated from Northern New Mexico College's Massage Therapy Program.  After passing my National Massage Therapy Board Exam and receiving my New Mexico state massage license, I went on to Boulder College of Massage Therapy to complete there 6-month Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Massage Certification.  Man was that tough!  

I then added massage to my business, continued to play tons of sand and indoor volleyball, train and massage clients for the next few years. In 2007, my Air Force husband and I married and 2 months later, we moved to Okinawa, Japan.  For the next 3 years, I massaged my way across the island, coached volleyball, track, played beach volleyball and we traveled all over Asia.  It was during this time, that I discovered a love affair with the ultramarathon.  I ran a 50K (31.1 miles) on a neighboring island, Miyako-Jima.  It started an obsession! I have since run ultramarathons in New Zealand, Alaska and Mongolia, Japan, Utah, Hawaii.

Next up on our military move list was North Pole, Alaska.  There, I was the Lead Fitness Instructor for Eielson Air Force Base's Group Fitness program.  I taught Boot camp, Pilates, Muscle Pump and sometimes, Spin.  During this time, I became the Strength and Conditioning coach for University of Alaska, Fairbank's Women's Volleyball Program.  I loved that job!  For fun, I played a TON of sand and indoor volleyball and my dog, Jake and I, spent hours and hours in all weather, temperatures (our coldest run ever was -42F, yes I mean -42F) and seasons exploring trails on snowshoes and without, throughout Fairbanks and North Pole while training for Ultramarathons.

Don't be jealous but we were stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii!  There I found myself as a new mother, a job that took some getting used to.  But wow, its been amazing, challenging and incredible!  There I played competitively in doubles sand volleyball tournaments, ran trails, raced, massaged clients taught, bootcamps for Dumbell Fitness and finally, became a certified birth doula.  How did that happen?  Well, I had an incredibly challenging, 34-hour labor with four hours and one minute of pushing.  My midwife was incredible but because she was also responsible for many other birthing mothers at the same time, there was no one to stay with me and help realign my son who was positioned every way but the correct way.  An experienced and knowledgable doula would have known what to do.  She could have shown my wonderful husband how to support me, position my body so our son would realign correctly, deal with the pain and kept me calm. Because of my traumatic birth experience, I ended up with a small case of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which caused the first month of our son's life to be wrought with anxiety, doubt, guilt, and sadness.  It was because of this experience, that I realized I NEVER wanted a mother to go through this.  If I could help fill her memories of her birth with thoughts of love, support and calm, then I will have done my job.  

Off to Las Vegas, Nevada we went next. There I taught fitness classes, personal training, running, playing volleyball, massaging the spectacular and amazing team of Pararescuemen of Nellis AFB, and assisted a mama or two in birth and lactation support.   Here I found crossfit and began competing as a masters athlete.  And man do I love it!

Now we find ourselves stationed in Alexandria, Virginia.  I love coaching and competing in the Crossfit community here, the fall leaves, the Potomac river and our wonderful neighbors and massage clients.  Currently I am working on a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science.  I look forward to becoming the best coach I can be for my clients and athletes!