"The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step."

Thank you for visiting Red Blossom Wellness, where my goal is to help you achieve wellness, healing, and happiness.  Serving men and women of all ages, whether you're a mom-to-be searching for an assistant to guide you through your birthing experience, an athlete looking to improve your performance, or an emerging runner training for your first race, I want to help you become your best!

I also offer medical massage services for those searching for natural and effective ways to help the body heal.  

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Utilizing the most current and tested techniques, my brand of massage, termed, "medical" or "orthopedic" massage, gets to the root of those pains and injuries new to you or those long-carried.  Whether they be from life, work, sports, surgeries, accidents or pregnancy, we'll find the techniques that are right for you and hopefully help you to heal.
A Greek word meaning, "female servant," doulas have long been used by moms to assist in birth preparations, throughout the entire labor process, and in postpartum care or "the fourth trimester."  To find out more about birth and postpartum doula roles, click here.
Whether looking to lose weight, trying Pilates for the first time, wanting a strong and healthy body during your pregnancy, recovering from labor and/or a C-Section, or training to run your first marathon, I can design a custom program that fits your needs, lifestyle, and goals.